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The original motion picture screenplay of Attagirls has been adapted as a novel and is available at bookshops throughout the UK including Hatchards and Waterstones.

Based on the true story of the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA).


In a world consumed by war, a small group of young women take to the skies to ‘do their bit’. Their bravery and determination play a vital part in changing the course of history.


During WWII, 22-year-old Molly Rose, a flight engineer and pilot in her family’s aviation business, joins the Air Transport Auxiliary (ATA), an organisation tasked to deliver aircraft from factories and maintenance units to the RAF’s front-line squadrons. Accepted into an intense training program and posted to an ‘all women’ ferry pool, Molly has to adapt quickly to an organisation made up of pilots from diverse backgrounds including Britain’s social elite, all of whom share the same insatiable appetite to fly.


Flying without armament, radios or navigation equipment and subjected to the daily dangers of adverse weather, friendly fire, barrage balloons and marauding German fighters, Molly’s emotions and flying skills are put to the ultimate test when the unthinkable happens. 


This is a story of love, passion and overcoming adversity both on the ground and in the air.

Foreword by Minnie Churchill DL.

Introduction by Richard Poad MBE.



“I absolutely loved it. The descriptions of her flights really allowed me to imagine her whole experience. I felt the joy with her and will admit to shedding a few tears at the losses along the way".

Zoe Cameron, pilot, Virgin Atlantic

"Extremely gripping and very moving throughout"

Harriet Earle, actor & voiceover artist


“I read it in eight hours. I couldn’t stop"

Michelle Butin, producer, Los Angeles


“I enjoyed it so much that I couldn’t put it down”

Minnie Churchill DL

“A superb and exciting read”

Graham Rose, Chairman, the Air Transport Auxiliary Association

“Utterly brilliant”

Judith Rose

“Inspirational to young girls everywhere”

Victoria Paddington


“A real masterpiece”

Jeremy Houghton, Artist


“The power of Paul’s writing is what makes Molly’s story captivating.
It isn’t written in a traditional academic historical style, more 

like fiction, igniting every element of my imagination”.

    Olivia Smith, book critic, History of War magazine (read full review)

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