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Attagirls Seminar for The Bronwyn Society at Moreton Hall

Author and film producer Paul Olavesen-Stabb held a seminar for The Bronwyn Society in The Holroyd Community Theatre at Moreton Hall in Shropshire, focussing on the story behind the Attagirls book and film. The talk was one of a series of appearances across the country at aircraft museums, military institutions, universities and colleges.

Said Paul: “What started as informal chats about the book and film has developed into motivational talks for young girls who have embraced the book’s heroine aviatrix Molly Rose as an inspirational idol. Molly’s story was one of love, passion and overcoming adversity both on the ground and in the air. Molly was brought down to earth with a thud on more than one occasion, as we all are from time-to-time, but she always got back up, dusted herself off, re-evaluated, re-focussed and carried on.

"Having two daughters myself, I’m no stranger to the challenges that young girls face in today’s world and this is a story about a person who experienced a number of personal setbacks but still moved forward in a way that sets an example to us all. I’m hoping that the Attagirls story will encourage all young girls who may at some point need to find courage under pressure. Hopefully they’ll take a leaf out of Molly’s book, so to speak … embrace every opportunity and never take no for an answer if it’s something that they really want".

Paul continued: “When I first heard Molly’s story, it really was one of those life-changing moments for me. I quickly realised that I’d found the film character that I’d been looking for. My initial reaction was the story would make a wonderful film but then I also thought about how it could inspire my daughters and perhaps young women everywhere”.


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