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Introducing the Molly Rose Spitfire

We are pleased to introduce the Molly Rose Spitfire, named after the heroine aviatrix of the Attagirls novel. The 90% scale model was built by the team at Enstone Flying Club, the home of the incredible Spitfire Squadron. Plans are to build a squadron of 12 Spitfires.

Enstone Flying Club Managing Director Paul said: “It has to be the most iconic aircraft ever made and undoubtedly one of the most elegantly shaped fighters ever conceived. The Spitfire’s silhouette is etched into the British psyche, I defy anyone not to look skyward when they hear and then see a Spitfire overhead. No other aircraft can do a victory roll quite like the Spitfire, it’s a sight that lifts your very soul.”

Enstone Flying Club also has a fully operational Spitfire Simulator to create a truly memorable experience. The cockpit section is a full scale replica of a Spitfire Mk9 with authentic controls and a seat feedback system. The wrap around screen gives an almost 220 degree view and with Dolby 5.1 surround sound compliments the immersive experience. The simulator has a combat capability, to test your skills against fighters and bombers.

Attagirls author and producer Paul Olavesen-Stabb with Virgin Atlantic pilot Zoe Cameron, Ambassador to the Attagirls Molly Rose Pilot Scholarship.

Please visit the Enstone Flying Club Spitfire Squadron page to find out how you can get involved.


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